A. Questions about general inquiries: -

1. How do I sign up for our website?
• Go to redvelvetshop.com to learn more about us.
• Go to the sign-in area.
• Select Register from the drop-down menu.
• Enter your email address
• You will be issued a secret password to your email address
• Your name will be added to our client list.

2. Are there any enrollment fees?
There are no fees associated with the enrollment procedure. It is free of all kinds of expenses.

3. Is it necessary to enroll?
You can browse our website and add items to your cart without having to register. However, if you need to submit a request, you must first register.

4. What is the maximum number of records a person can have?
You can only enroll once.

B. Concerns about delivery: -

1. Time of Delivery-
Your item will be delivered within the specified time frame. We’ll deliver the orders right in front of your door. Our responsibility is to sterilize and provide security.

2. Packaging:
We use excellent packaging to protect the item from damage; bubble wrap protects the item.

3. Delivery fees: –
Delivery fees are determined by the type of product ordered.

4. Is it possible to update your shipping address?
You can alter your delivery address in the “My Account” section and ensure that the address you entered is within our reach.

5. Delivery zones:
As an e-commerce business store of this metropolitan, we would be unavailable to assist in delivering orders outside of our reach.

C. Questions regarding payments: -

D. Other charges:

1. Payment Methods: –
We accept a variety of payment methods, including the ones listed below.
• Paytm/Google Pay
• Credit Cards
• Net banking
• Cash

Aside from delivery fees, there are no additional charges. If you require any more costs, please contact our customer service team as soon as possible. Only GST charges are included.