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Piano Chord Chart From Your Song

Piano Chord Chart From Your Song

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Turn your song into a professional chord sheet! Simply upload your audio file and lyrics, and we'll handle the rest.

How It Works:
1. Submit Your Song: Upload your audio file and lyrics document.
2. Expert Analysis: We transcribe the chords and align them with your lyrics.
3. Receive Your Chord Sheet: Get a clear, easy-to-read chord sheet tailored to your song.

- Accuracy: Ensure your chords match the nuances of your song.
-  Convenience: Simplify sharing your music with other musicians or your band.
-  Customization: Special requests for chord voicings or alternate tunings are welcome!

Ideal For:
- Solo artists
- Bands
- Music teachers
- Session musicians

Get Started:
Upload your song file and lyrics document today and receive a professionally crafted chord sheet to enhance your music collaboration!

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