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Vocal Mixing: Post Production, Tuning, Editing

Vocal Mixing: Post Production, Tuning, Editing

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This service is designed to refine and perfect your vocal tracks, ensuring they stand out in any mix.

Let's get started!

File Submission: Simply send us a folder of your vocal files/stems, and our expert engineers will take it from there.

2 FREE Revisions are included.

+ $25 per additional revision.

Service Features:

- Editing/Comping: We meticulously select the best takes from your recordings to create a seamless, flawless final track.
- Mixing: Our mixing process ensures your vocals sit perfectly in the mix, enhancing clarity and balance.

- Melodyne: Pitch correction with Melodyne provides a natural, polished sound, correcting any off-key notes while retaining the emotional essence of your performance.
- Vocalign: We use Vocalign to align your vocal tracks perfectly, fixing the timing, and ensuring tight harmonies and precise synchronization.
- Autotune: For a modern, professional finish, we apply Autotune to give your vocals that final touch of perfection.

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